Loco Ropes @ Ozark Folk Center State Park

Loco Ropes @ Ozark Folk Center State Park Contact: Judy Cox
Work 1025A Park Ave Ozark Folk Center State Park Mountain View Ar 72560 Work Phone: (888) 669-6717 Website: http://www.locoropes.com/


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Loco Ropes is a heart-pumping ground, tower, and treetop adventure of over 35 obstacles, or “elements,” located at the Ozark Folk Center State Park in beautiful Mountain View, Arkansas. All aboard for higher adventure in the Natural State!

It’s an experience where we can each: • recognize & discover who we are & what we’re made of, • heighten our senses, • acknowledge our vulnerability & that of other’s, • gain a greater respect for the value of life, • encourage ourselves & others to complete a challenging & exhilarating physical adventure, with the result of being a stronger person for it, • receive reinforcement, affirmation, & a renewing of our spirits, & • gain deepened bonds with our fellow adventurers.


“Loco” is Spanish for “crazy,” and for many of us, performing challenging feats high above the forest floor is, well, crazy – thinking of doing it only when pigs fly. But fly they must, because as Walt Disney said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible!”

General Information
Loco Ropes is a high wire forest adventure for fun loving folks of all ages. Our 3 Loco Lines, made up of 30+ elements, such as ziplines, tarzan swings, rope bridges, and swinging logs, offer challenges from the mildly cautious to the seriously adventurous! Our full course, End of the Line (Loco Lines 1, 2, & 3), takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Our shorter excursion, Short Line (Loco Line 1), takes about an hour to complete. Our Loco Crew equips and trains you to negotiate the treetop course by use of a continuous belay system that keeps you connected to the course’s safety cable wire from beginning to end. Children may trek the course unaccompanied and be supervised from the ground provided they are at least 12 years old and 58” tall. Our scheduled training times are available on a first-come-first serve basis. BOOK your Treetop Adventure online or by phone at locoropes.com, (888) 669-6717!TOWER ADVENTURES
If you’re looking for an introduction into our adrenaline fueled world, try our Tower Adventures: the 300 foot Flying Pig Zipline with a bonus roundtrip cable ride to the tower platform, the 35 foot HotShot FreeFall that cable drops you straight to the ground, and the Planks Peak Climbing Wall giving you 5 attempts with beginner to advance climbing choices. It’s the perfect adventure for those looking for a quick shot of excitement. Our Tower Adventures require no scheduled training and are available on a walk-up basis 7 days/week, March 1st – November 30th (closed Easter Sunday & Thanksgiving Day), from 10am – 5pm.GROUP EVENTS
At Loco Ropes, prepare to have an unforgettable and empowering experience that will continue to unlock insights long after your Event is over, benefitting both you and your group.
Loco Ropes! (“lr!”) understands that a successful team at school or work depends upon two key factors: leadership and relationships. You, as a group member, will have opportunities to develop your leadership skills, the “l” factor, that goes hand-in-hand with building relationships within the group that sustain it and take your team to higher levels of understanding, cooperation and achievements, the “r” factor. We combine fun adventure in the form of state-of-the-art technology, proven experiential activities, and extensive knowledge in teambuilding models to give you and your team the platform to stand together and the courage and heart to effectively face challenges together.

Stay long or stay short – come to Loco Ropes for an adventure you’ll long remember, talk about, and want to experience all over again!


Loco Ropes Brochure: Click here


Awards • National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas – 5 Cool Things To Do in Arkansas
• USA Today Travel – 10 Excellent Outdoor Adventures for Families
• InArkansas.com – 26 Cool Things To Do
• Ozark Gateway Region Leo Rainey Tourism Appreciation – 2012 President’s Award
• National Geographic Adventure Magazine – 50 Great Adventure Towns

Parking Parking Lot

Products Come solo or with a friend, no organized event needed. Loco Ropes Treetop Adventure Park is your playground in the trees, no matter your age! Our height and weight requirements are as follows:
minimum height……… 43”
maximum weight……. 290 lbs for the Treetop Adventure
250 lbs for the Tower Adventures
minimum weight……… 45 lbs for HotShot and Planks PeakTOWER ADVENTURES (tax included):
Flying Pig & Screamin’ Pig ZipLines $7.50
HotShot FreeFall $7.50
Planks Peak Climbing Wall $7.50
Tower Power Pack (6x your choice) $30TREETOP ADVENTURES:
End of the Line (Loco Lines 1, 2 & 3) – Adult $50
End of the Line (Loco Lines 1, 2 & 3) – Child $40
Jump the Line (Loco Line 2 or 3) $20
Short Line (Loco Line 1) $15

Book for free 4x/mo, including 2 weekend bookings/mo and enjoy a Birthday Package Special, inviting friends at half price and up to 20 Tower Adventures at half price – Save thousands of $$$$$!
End of the Line – Adult Season Pass $125
End of the Line – Child Season Pass $100
Short Line Season Pass $ 40

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1025A Park Ave Ozark Folk Center State Park Mountain View Ar 72560